State of the art milling and cadd design

Our highly skilled technicians are all registered and regularly attend courses to learn new technology and new skills in the fabrication of restorations, and as technology rapidly advances in our area of expertise we upgrade our skills and systems to suit.

At Advanced Ceramics we handle each case on an individual basis and place emphasis on the aesthetics and function of each job.

We now offer our own in-house milling with the addition of a Weiland milling machine.

Zirconia frameworks, crowns, teliocad temporary and clear splints/surgical guides can now be designed and milled.

We also provide a service to other labs where we can mill your cadd designs you send to us , as well as scan and design here at the lab, if you don’t have access to a scanner.

We can also receive files from Sirona via the connect network, so for all those Sirona based practices they now have the option to inter oral scan and we can design and millĀ in zirconia.